A few of My Favourite Things …… To Embroider

This is a slower time of year for our business.  It seems most small businesses are slow at this time of year if they happen to be located in the bitter cold western part of Canada.  This winter has sure been a long one so far.  It seems like everyone was still feeling down from […]

Top Ten Question’s Series

“What is the difference between embroidery and screen printing?” This is a commonly asked question from customers that are new to logo’d apparel purchasing.  Embroidery, also known as cresting or monograming, is stitching a logo or organization name directly on to a garment using a computerized industrial embroidery machine.  Screen printing is a process for […]

Reduce, Re-use, Recycle — Environmentally Friendly Embroidery

At Embroidery Vibe we believe strongly in Environmental Sustainability.  When we purchased this company, formerly known as The Embroidery Express, we knew that we needed to make some changes to make what we do green.  This industry tends to have a large amount of waste and we wanted to decrease our impact. We have made […]

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Direct to Garment Printing Versus Screen Printing

We are very excited to announce that we now offer Direct to Garment printing which is done 100% in-house!!  What is Direct to Garment printing (aka DTG) you ask?  Well, DTG is quite a bit different than the traditional process of Screen Printing.  The name states it all with DTG which is a unique type […]